Book reviews

 --Longtime therapist W. Hans Miller tells two stories: his own, and a broader tale of how “soothing” plays a major role in our ability to cope with everyday life. Miller uses a compelling, almost novelistic storytelling style to help him make sense of his life. Miller not only shows great empathy but a willingness to find creative solutions… Both lay audiences and professional psychologists will learn much from Miller’s admirable candor and compassion. (From Blue Ink Review)

--Soothing is an exceptional memoir that imparts understanding around psychotherapy. Even though the book is based in science, it uses clear everyday language. Miller tells his story and the stories of his patients in a direct and emotional way. His examples are thorough, descriptive, and easy to identify with. (From Clarion Review) 

--A psychologist looks back on his struggles to quiet the seething minds of his patients – and his own – in this fine, engrossing portrait of mental illness and healing. Miller writes with a nice balance of subtle, searching analysis and warm empathy that vividly evokes psychic pain and embarrassment – especially his own… It’s fascinating to watch as he improvises strategies to resolve his patients’ problems. The result is a revealing, humane, down to earth look at the day-to-day art of clinical psychology that should give many readers insights into their own problems. (From Kirkus Reviews)

--Soothing is indeed a gift from Dr. Miller. This fascinating look at his life’s work is also a thoughtful tale about Dr. Miller’s pilgrimage.  (From Pacific Review) 

--Physician, heal yourself” could be the underlying theme of this book. Soothing will interest several reader types: those fascinated by the psychology of the mind, those employed in the field, and anyone who suffered hurtful scenarios in youth. (From US Review)